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Twister was the 1st movie released on DVD.

I’ve been trying for weeks (some would protest months) to figure out exactly what this blog was going to be for. At a recent dinner with friends, someone exclaimed that they used to hate bloggers because it was just a bunch of people talking about themselves on the internet. World wide cyber masturbation if you will. Since the start of blogging it has been de-famed as pseudo-news and with this in mind I have been troubled and maybe even taunted by settling into a subject and retaining some semblance of journalistic integrity but let’s face it even the quietest of people ( I count myself among them) like attention and we certainly like hearing ourselves talk…or type.

I read way too many blogs to not be intimidated by their wit and charm. Coupled with my fear of spouting to much close-minded single track epinions it is only now with half an organic beer (edit= now 3/4) in my system that I can even type in this mysterious blog box that up until now has been a proverbial monkey on my back.

So what do I want to write about?

I have no idea.

There are so many things that bug me and inspire me (right now I can only think of the bad things) but despite the personal investment I know I want to be more than a blogger. I want to be the Edward R. Murrow cyborg. I want to be the second layer of the three real journalists left in the world (All of whom are retired or dead.)

What will this blog be then? Hopefully at least an entertaining failed attempt (the story of my life).

Here’s hoping I can get there.

At the most, some vague mixture of what the producers of Twister must have felt; success and confusion as to how they became a part of history.


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