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HD Alice!

I submit for your approval

Rumors about the 5th season that I’ve heard/read/discussed (SPOILERS?):

  • Dana’s ghost will return in an attempt to make the fans forget she shouldn’t have been killed off to begin with.
  • Tasha will no longer be in the military…by choice.
  • Bette and Tina will get back together.
  • For some unknown reason Cybil Shepherd’s character is returning
  • For some other ridiculously unknown reason Cybil Shepherd’s daughter will be set up with Shane.
  • Yes…Jenny is Back. Lets hope Sounder2 is as well.

That recap video makes me wish I could have just watched that instead of Season 4. They cut out all the crap and the first 10 seconds make it look like there was a lot more sex last season that there actually was.

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