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Calling all Cattle Prods

The year has been over for three weeks and I don’t think anyone around me was sorry to see it go.

Reflecting on this year I’ve decided its definitely been one of the worst so far.

I’m sure there were a few sporadic moments of greatness but overall I can only remember feeling miserable and under-achieving and so I’m making the call to all lazy geniuses everywhere. Its overwhelming all the things I set out to do and never achieved and I am creating a collaborative, CPC (Cattle Prod Creatives) . Every member will receive an honorary engraved cattle prod for those moments when you’re feeling the most uninspired.

Other handy uses for the CPC membership tool:

  • when failing to quit a job you don’t like and/or leaving said job that makes you feel like you have no creative outlet and are therefore growing less inspired by the second.
  • teaching yourself guitar
  • leaving the house when there is a Law & Order SVU marathon on television especially when its 50 degrees outside in December

For an additional low cost members will also receive a handy dandy taser gun for on-the-go zapping.

*WARNING: Cattle prods may be used on others at their own risk and only if agreed upon by both/all parties.

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