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King Lebron


A recent cover of Vogue magazine features Lebron James and Gisele Bundchen in an odd throw back. Some say the photo is reminiscent of another familiar image.


Some have called it outwardly racist. If the motivation is not racist then one must wonder what the motivation for that particular choice is. Perhaps it is because Lebron James is an athlete and athletes are generally portrayed as aggressive and exhibiting animalistic qualities? Lebron James is also a large man standing at 6’9″ and 260 lbs.

It may not have been intended as a bash at black people but I also couldn’t picture them making the same choices with a white athlete and certainly never a female athlete. They had to know it was sitting on the borderline.

Annie Leibovitz’s photos are always interesting to look at and composed well but generally not that original in concept but that throw back method is also part of her appeal and artistry.

From a critical perspective, Gisele Bundchen looks really awkward and poorly positioned in this photo and racist or not I don’t think it deserve much attention or scrutiny. Leibovitz certainly has more compelling photos.

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