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My Kid Could Paint That- Quick and Dirty

The documentary follows a four year old girl from Binghamptom, NY who gains praise and recognition for painting like Monet.
Controversy ensues when 60 minutes does a whole show featuring experts debunking the four year old’s ability and questioning the parents’ story that Marla paint by herself with no help from her artistically inclined father. The family agrees to have a hidden camera videotape her painting from start to finish and while the painting is pretty good it doesn’t look as composed as her previous work.

What’s more interesting about the documentary is that the family lets filmmaker, Amir Bar -Lev, into their home while this media swarms takes place. Marla’s mother says she chooses to trust the filmmaker but when he attempts to video tape Marla working on a painting from start to finish he find himself conflicted when it doesn’t turn out as well as her previous work (again). He wants to believe them because they appear genuinely nice but he can’t help but become victim to the same doubt the rest of the art world has.

What more interesting is that Marla’s mother doesn’t claim to believe that her child is a prodigy in any way. All the while people begin to question whether or not it even matters if Marla is painting them or not because the attention shifts to the value of modern art to begin with.

If Marla isn’t painting them then she’s being used as a tool by her parents and the art world. If she is painting them then it means that some 40 year old struggling modernist painter is only as good as a four year old who couldn’t care less about the art world.

The documentary leaves things very open-ended and personally didn’t change my opinion that most (not all) modern art is a scam. I’ve always generally thought it was about the intention of the artist that gave a piece meaning and so even if Marla did paint all of those paintings, so what? What does it mean? What does Marla think they mean if anything at all? Maybe she just a kid with a brush in her living room.

We’ll probably only find out when Marla is older and possibly insane.

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  1. May 11, 2008 at 9:48 AM

    I like that you think it’s a scam. The great thing about all this abstract stuff is that it’s subjective and in subjectivity comes money, sweet money

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