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L word Part Deux?

Showtime President Bob Greenblatt has announced that the cable network will be developing an L word spin off with Ilene Chaiken. The sixth and last season of The L Word is said to have an open end that will be tied into the spin-off as well as an internet series. The new show is said to begin production as soon as The L Word is wrapped up.

Who is the show going to spin off with? Dear god, I hope its Alice…wait dear god, I hope its not Jenny. I can hardly stand her on the original series. It would be all Jenny all day. I would only accept that if the show suddenly adopted a fantasy genre and we were privy to Jenny’s afterlife once she’s killed herself. Too harsh? Probably.

We could probably figure this out by process of elimination.


Bette and Tina- Assuming they even make it through the last season together, neither of them whether separate or joined are interesting enough to turn into their own show. It would just be an endless season of Bette messing with Tina’s mind and Tina making the weird closed eye face when she talks. No Thanks.

Jenny- NO! I say NO!

Helena- If they could keep her character consistent for more than one season then sure I’ll buy it or at least watch the first episode.

Max- Clearly Max is already on his own show that no one is filming. I’ll watch you Max!

Shane- They’ve gotten pretty good at making Shane’s evolution progress very slowly so its completely plausible that they could stretch it out into another show.

Alice- Its Alice…how hard could it be.

I can’t really say that at this point I have high hopes for anything Ilene Chaiken creates since my only references are the last season of The L Word and Barb Wire (yes the one with Pamela Anderson). Perusing through her credits on imdb doesn’t really leave me anticipating this spin-off and if its anything like what The L Word has become I may tune out before I even tune-in

In other Showtime news, Diablo Cody’s show “The United States of Tara” has been given the green light. As mentioned in a previous post it will star Toni Colette as a victim of multiple personality disorder. Edie Falco is also set to be on the show as a nurse addicted to painkillers. After seeing Juno and loving it at first then thinking “eh its alright,” I’ve come to the conclusion that Diablo Cody’s writing style may be better suited for the cable tv atmosphere. That over the top smart ass attitude is made for the small screen whereas on the big screen it seemed a bit too much.

Shooting begins this summer and Showtime ordered 13 episodes. I’m really interested to see how Diablo Cody handles other genres. She is also shooting a horror film about a girl who is “literally consuming the boys she seduces.”

She was interviewed by John Cusack on myspace’s artist on artist. When he asked he why people were drawn to her work she replied that the reasons people are drawn to certain aspects of art says more about them than it does about the art. Does that mean that at first I like myself but then after I think about it for a few days I can only think about the flaws?

Thats a whole other blog entry.

I do appreciate seeing a female writer/filmmaker making strides despite the fact that people have only just now stopped mentioning that she use to be a stripper. I can also appreciate the fact that as a filmmaker Cody hasn’t settled for writing solely about the male perspective the way that so many female writers have had to do. She so far seems to be making really interesting female characters her protagonists.

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