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geekologie.com and gizmodo.com, it seems the macbook touch may be closer to reality. Apparently info was leaked that it would be released in October. The news is coming from macdailynews which also spilled the beans on the itunes wireless store days before it came out. Does that make it any more true?

I’m not sure it matters. After much thought and consultation with my tech savior, John, I decided a tablet mac was pretty pointless. If the macbook touch is in fact touch screen then one would imagine the keyboard would be as well.  Why would I want half my screen to disappear for keyboard space?  A mock-up on gizmodo shows a keyboard attachment for the macbook touch but doesn’t that just make it a small laptop again. Not to mention that it will probably lose even more inputs that the macbook air.

To quote a user comment on said geekologie entry, “giant iphone?”

There have been rumors about the macbook touch or just a general tablet mac for years but if they did release I can’t see it being used  by any prosumer purchasers.  My guess is they might find success with the same demographic that got roped into the macbook air.  Thanks, I”ll pass.

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