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Revenue Increase-The MTA way

In order to combat the projected lack of revenue next year the MTA has decide to propose 2 glorious ideas.

1. The fare hike

Always looming over our heads, the fare hike is a constant source of annoyance. The MTA plans to hike the train fare twice in the next 3 years. The proposed fare increase will bring a train ride up 18 percent over the 18 months.

Worse yet is the statement that Howard Roberts Jr., NYC Transit President, made pretty much admitting that the fare hikes won’t actually improve the subway systems or the common complaints riders have about service and efficiency. The hike will only maintain the current “status quo” which doesn’t really seem to be good news.

The reason for the hike? Well I’m sure we’ve all seen the articles covering Governor Patterson’s concerns about the NY State budget being in crisis. The transit system alone estimates a huge $900 million revenue loss next year. A cost they could have been blanketed by the recently rejected congestion bill that would have charged a toll for anyone crossing the 60th street line during rush hour. And here I, naively, thought it had something to do with improving the environment by discouraging driving. Silly me.

2. Seatless Cars

Well not completely gone but the idea is to change the seats in subway cars so that during rush hour they get locked in an up position making it impossible for anyone to sit on them.

The idea is said to take off in 5-7 months in a few cars on unmentioned lines.

So now not only will people be angrier at rush hour they’ll also be packed in like sardines packed into a can of sardines..very very angry achy sardines. Yay for the elderly, injured and pregnant.

With the recent failure of metrocard machines, increasing delays, and poor customer service bikes are looking better and better unless of course you run into a cop or he decides to run into you.

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