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Vicky Cristina Barcelona- Quick and Dirty…

Woody Allen has kind of saved himself to me. My love was wavering a bit there but the little 70-something paranoid man I love has redeemed himself in parts. Part of it may be because I had lowered expectations for the film. After seeing Melinda and Melinda I lost a bit of hope and thought perhaps Allen was losing it. I was a bit skeptical of his new pairing with Scarlett Johansson and so naturally, I had to see what has come of his recently developed love affair with her.

The Premise:
Vicky (engaged to a boring wall street type) and her best friend Cristina (romantic, idealistic and slightly unconventional) go to Spain for a summer and meet a local Spaniard man, Juan Antonio (Javier Bardem) who shakes their worlds up a bit. He wants to sleep with them both. Cristina is into it. Vicky is not. They begin a series of awkward, sensual encounters that at some point involves Maria Elena, Juan’s passionate and suicidal ex-wife (Penelope Cruz).

The Quick:

I’ve noticed Allen’s wit has slipped a bit in his more contemporary films. His dialogue seems less quick-witted and snappish and has taken on a much more subtle tone while still retaining the tragedy of his usual mis-guided wandering characters. Still I fear I’ve grown tired of the groaning.

The Dirty:

  • The lustful looks from Johansson are dangerous…very very dangerous. I’ve started an open letter requesting she cease and desist immediately. I think the NSA should refocus on a different terrorist…a sexy terrorist.
  • Its really unfair that everything she wears in this movie looks great.
  • Best outfit she wears in the movie: bedsheet (nearly falling off bedsheet)


Penelope Cruz in a Spanish-speaking role. I’ve always felt weird about her in English films. Its similar to hearing spanish music translated or listening to English Opera but Cruz was back in her full form. She is perfect at playing a passionate, crazy in love, romantic. I’ve been trying to convince everyone that’s on the fence about her to just watch her in a Spanish film and my roommate finally agreed but only after Cruz made out with Johansson. I suppose a convert is a convert no matter how you get them. Just like the Catholics!

  1. September 7, 2008 at 9:13 AM

    I like bedsheets and I like tags like “sexy sex sex sex”

  2. vineetnov
    May 17, 2009 at 4:46 AM

    Penelope Cruz really looks HOT!!!!

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