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The humans aren’t dead?

So the Large Hadron Collider was turned on and we didn’t die.   Here’s a link to the webcam shots from the Collider. Note the visible absence of ending life on earth.   This time around they were only swirling particles and not colliding them which tells us that the thing technically functions the way its supposed to at this point.  The actual colliding is currently set to begin on October 21st.  So everyone get ready to grab a seat and hold the f&*! onto it again.  You know just in case.

Note:* While watching the local news at 10 on the eve of this thing being turned on the previews included a feature on the collider.  The teaser line used to get us to tune in went something like this: “The end of the world could be just hours away.”  The story hadn’t aired by the 1/2 hour mark when I switched the channel.  Guess it wasn’t that important.  Thats what I get for staying on the CW passed 10 p.m

In sadder news, it seems the beginnings of this experiment did end one life.  A 16 year old girl, Chayya,  drank pesitcide and killed herself in fear that the collider was going to end all life on earth.

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