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Has anyone else found themselves completely unable to remember details of the previous episodes?

Whats with all the splintered storylines that seem to be going nowhere?

When is Hiro going to grow some balls?  At first it was funny but now its just annoying.

I hate to say it but I’ve been thus far disappointed by every episode of the new season. I get that there are a lot of characters to cover and with the new season focusing mostly on villians there are even more to cover. With the ever-changing futures that keep developing it no longer seems like the characters are working towards a goal as solidified as in the 1st and 2nd season.  I feel like everytime I watch an new episode it may barely have anything to do with previous one at all.

On top of all that the show’s creatives insist on creating all these side stories on their website with webisodes in addition to a comic.  Its just way too much.  Maybe I’m not a good multi-tasker but it certainly doesn’t help that the site looks like the internet’s lunch swam upstream onto the page.

For all that content they seem to be lacking much substance this season.

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