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McCain/Palin Baby

I find the blind faith of voters astounding on both sides but this latest development is ridiculous.  Apparently Mark Ciptak, of Tennessee, named his daughter Sarah McCain Palin because he couldn’t offer a financial contribution to support the republican campaign.  He decided to “take one for the team.”  Is the team called, “I’m a complete selfish idiot?”  If so, good job.  I think we’re getting the message loud and clear.

He and his wife originally agreed to name their daughter Ava Grace but Ciptak snuck in the change without his wife knowing and apparently still may not be aware.  Ciptak says, “We actually came up with the name Ava Grace, and I secretively went and got another set of forms to send to (Social Security officials and the Tennessee Department of Health), and as of this time, she (Layla) still doesn’t realize what I’ve done. I haven’t broken the news to her yet.”

Now its one thing to support the McCain/Palin ticket.  That’s fine but to go so far as to brand your child with the name of a VP candidate who has been around for all of two seconds seems a little risque.  Your kid is probably going to live a lot longer than Palin’s career whether or not the Republicans win.  You want to support McCain and Palin guy?  Don’t pawn the job off on your newborn.   Get a tattoo or how about volunteering at your local Republican headquarters and getting people to register.  Wait, you’re right, that’s a waste of valuable time you could be thinking up other brilliant ideas to hide from your wife.


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