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Your mac is gay

and it wants to get married.

1. No on Prop. 8 in California have released a series of PSAs to get people to vote against proposition 8 which would amend the current law that say gay marriage is legal.  Voting no*** would change back the hands of time to the period when it was not legal.

The PSAs are produced in the guise of the mac v.s pc commercials.  While not really that original they’re still pretty clever at getting the point across. Too bad I don’t live in California to vote.  I encourage you to pass the message along to those who do.

EDIT:*** And by voting no on prop.  8 I mean voting yes as voting no would make gay marriage illegal.  Thanks Anne!

2. At the mac event today Steve Jobs released images of the new line of macbooks, macbook pros, the macbook air and the 24″ LED displays.  Gizmodo provided some live images and blogging from the event earlier this morning.

The new macbook is designed with a unibody construction which means instead of the top-case being removable ( for self-repairers like myself) it will function as a more unified piece with the sides of the new aluminum macbook meeting a bottom piece underneath.  Not sure how easy it will be for me or anyone else who is used to self-upgrading their computers.

Apple is also going to reduce the plastic macbook to $999 ensuring that even the computer giant is affected by the economic crisis.

The macbook pro and macbook air are getting make-overs as well that also include new graphics cards that claim to be 5 times faster, glass trackpad and a screen that extends to the limits of the display.

My biggest concern is the cool down of these macs.  My macbook pro at some point started making an awful lot of noise when it got hot (much like the people I’m attracted to) and I remember the fans being an issue for a lot of the macbook pros.  The definite down side is that the screens are only coming in glossy from now on which I never really like particularly when sitting in the sun.

As soon as that bank loan comes through I’ll be all over it no problem.

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