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Dear general public,

If you see a man kicking an infant to death in the street don’t think its okay to just stand there and call the cops.

Tackle that a$$hole!

A man in Modesto, California was seen beating, kicking and stomping on a 12- 24 month old boy on a quiet road. While it is said the man was too fixated to be stopped by the few that tried apparently there were several people who pulled up to the scene as it unfolded and watched this madman kill a baby. The infant, who has not been identified, died at the hospital and the man was shot by cops at the scene when he wouldn’t stop stomping on the infant’s head.

In other news, tomorrow is election day. I hope everyone is voting and while it doesn’t really make a difference here in nyc I’m sure we shouldn’t miss the couple of hours spent being pissed off in line to vote in a system that doesn’t completely work. Yay Democracy.

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