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Sex and the City: Revisited





Fox has greenlit the production of a show entitled “Bitches” written by Michael Dougherty (Superman Returns, X2: X-Men United).

The basic premise is four women who live in nyc with normal lives by day and by night prowl the streets as werewolves.

Apparently, the Amerian public has been over-saturated with vampire fiction and is ready to move on.


  • The Wolf Man, starring Benicio Del Toro
  • Twilight‘s sequel New Moon
  • True Blood’s werewolf character entering the scene
  • Underworld: Rise of the Lycans serving as the prequel to the previous Underworld flicks.

A show about  women who change into werewolves and the show is called Bitches.

Metaphor anyone?

Although, since most incarnations of werewolves I’ve read and seen have primarily featured male characters it should be interesting to see these four women in aggressive roles potentially devouring men.  You know like real women should.  Oh did I use my outdoor voice for that.

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