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Better late…

Better late… will be the DVD version of Quick and Dirty…, the entries focusing on movies I’ve just watched.  Its a good excuse for me to review movies I couldn’t justify paying $12.00 to see in the theater or t.v shows that have previously escaped my grasp.

First up:



I’m not sure how this show slipped under my radar when it was on British t.v 4 years ago considering there were witches, lesbians and fallen angels involved.  Dubbed England’s answer to Buffy the Vampire Slayer the show still ended up getting canceled after its second season by Sky One director of programmes Richard Woolf.

The basic plot, courtesy of imdb, is Cassie is a shy high school girl who wants to be accepted by others, but is only truly loved by her best friend Thelma. Cassie later discovers that she possesses dangerous powers, and is being drawn into a world that’s far beyond her control. And the man that she should fear the most manages to find a way into her heart.

Here’s how the show won me over in the “1st Season”  (you’ll understand the quotes in a bit):

  • Very reminiscent of  BTVS’ ability to turn the awkward high school student into the witty secret hero (which in my opinion helped spawn this  current trend of nerd cool).
  • Two interesting female leads, Cassie and Thelma, who do a very good job of playing off each other that result in witty exchange.
  • Featured a main character who was openly gay and not “dealing with it” in the many ways it manifests itself in most American series.
  • British accents.
  • Complicated characters who appear to be not just good or evil but slightly multi-dimensional.

Here’s how the show failed me (Spoilers below!!!!):

After Cassie, Christina Cole, dies the dynamic between the two characters is, well, non-existent.  Without Cassie, Thelma is understandably depressed but when she somehow manages to still be a smart ass its like watching a comedian rehearse their act instead of the live show.  You know it supposed to be funny but there’s no one there to laugh at it.

Christina Cole supposedly left the show because she was ready to move on.  According to imdb it worked out for her but didn’t seem to work out for the show.

Here’s how the dvd failed me and thus contributed to the show failing me (semi- spoilers Below!!!)


When the show originally aired the 1 season (series in Europe) had 6 episodes which included two opening episodes introducing the basic plot, aptly title  “The Story Begins”.


On the Region 1 release of the series, however, it includes the 1st three episode of the season 2 as part of season 1.  I’m not sure why this decision was made but I am sure why it shouldn’t have.  After barreling through the 1st season in a few days the end of season 1 seems a lacking.  Oh I don’t know…almost as if you got thrown into the middle of the second season and then it ended suddenly.  Detrimentally anti-climactic comes to mind.  So in the states the “season 1” isn’t really season one.  As a result the yankee audience becomes privy to information that seems important to the plot but then there’s no real indication or payoff as to how its important.

Season one for us ends on episode “Ella Burns”  which explains, vaguely, the origins of a new character who appears to be taking Cassie’s place.  The problem is they spend way too much time explaining who she is with scenes that seem irrelevant.  It seems the episode would make more sense as a middle episode of a season but shifted around to be the season ender it leaves the audience (read: me) completely confused as to why I had to watch the same thing happen for 45 minutes. I will give it to the Brits thought they do manage to fit a lot of plot into an episode.

As far as I can tell “Season 2” is not available on dvd in the U.S yet which of course adds to the frustration of my need for closure.  Also for having been made 4 years ago the dvd was severely lacking in extra features which may have placated me a bit or given me some insight into why the dvd arrangement was decided the way it was.  My guess is they were trying to pander to an American audience used to 22 episode seasons.  In the end, however, I think they may have lost more than they gained.

Luckily the internet is my savior and I shall venture to find season 2 somewhere.

On the upside, there’s this clip.  Here’s what you need to know.  Thelma, the brunette, is a ghost who was/is madly in love with her best mate, Cassie. It pretty much states what their relationship is like.  While Thelma is in love with Cassie they play around with it in a very light-hearted “I know you know I like you” kind of way that makes way for some brilliant one-liners.  Go passed the minute mark and you may be in danger of investing more time than you’re prepared for.

*The 1st season also features Zoe Tapper who went on to be in the latest adaptation of Sarah Waters book Affinity.

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