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Better Late…Ladies and Gentlemen The Fabulous Stains


I can’t remember how I came across this movie on youtube (probably looking up videos of Diane Lane as I do from time to time) but after seeing a clip there may have only milliseconds that lapsed before I added it to my netflix queue.

I saw this cult classic about a month ago but haven’t written a review yet because I was too busy dealing with its awesomeness.

Released in 1981, it was one of Diane Lane’s and Laura Dern’s first feature films and is credited with inspiring a lot of musicians but, more importantly, girls to pick up guitars who later became a part of the riot grrl movement. The film features members of The Sex Pistols, The Clash, and The Tubes and was made on a limited budget.  Upon release it received lack luster reviews but found itself revived on t.v broadcast and became and instant cult classic.  It became so popular that it was the subject of a documentary in 2000 on IFC and was finally released on dvd in 2008.

After her mother dies, Corrine Burns (Third-Degree Burns) retreats into her band, The Fabulous Stains, with her sister ( played by Marin Kanter) and cousin ( played by Laura Dern).  They go on tour with The Looters and become and overnight success due to their refusal “to put out.”  Girls all over the country mimick them, dress like them, and adopt the attitude of empowerment.


Things go bad when the band pretty much crosses the selling out threshold and their fans turn their back on the band.  Before that however, the movie is filled with some great performances and is a brief and condensed chronicle of the evolution of that decade of music.

Diane Lane and Laura Dern have some hilarious commentary on the dvd special features and some really interesting insight into the music scene at the time.  Diane Lane admits she was nothing like her character and also didn’t really know anything about the punk movement  but was quickly schooled and witnessed some great bands come out as a result of being involved with the film.  While not entirely realistic the film contains some obvious commentary on the music industry in, at least, a general obvious way.

Also can we us talk about this:the-fabulous-stains

Everyone, this is Marin Kanter. Marin, everyone.  Besides a biker movie with Willem Dafoe and a tv movie Marin Kanter pretty much never acted again after this movie .  That’s really too bad.

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