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Rant Warning: Ilene Chaiken cut her ears off 6 years ago

According to an interview Ilene Chaiken gave in the LA Times we don’t get to know who kills Jenny.

Chaiken says, “There are ways I could still answer it if the need were to arise. But I don’t actually feel compelled to answer it. The show is about character and relationships, and I used this story to deeply explore those relationships. It’s a risk not to solve a mystery, admittedly.”

A risk to your life Chaiken! If you don’t tell us who killed that psychopath Jenny after stringing us along through shitty dialogue and plot for the passed three seasons I would consider investing in an Obama car.

Her reason?

“You’re absolutely failing if you don’t have plenty of people ranting and raving.”

True statement. Some of the best shows on television have succeeded by building tension with fans and giving them what they weren’t expecting or never wanted but what worked for the characters. Most of the time when a show doesn’t do what the fans want and the fans are upset its because they felt invested and loved the characters at some point. But its a big leap to go from poor plot lines with characters who annoy and confuse you to melodramatically poor plot lines with character you want to go away. You want your audience to be engaged even if they don’t like everything they see not be resentful and eternally baffled by your choices.

” She is also aware that for the first and only successful television show about lesbians to end with a dead lesbian — most likely murdered by another lesbian — is politically charged. (‘I’m mindful of it,’ she said. ‘But I’ve always considered my primary responsibility to entertain and tell good stories.’)”

Thats what you say when you have no other way to defend your poor choices. Too bad you haven’t accomplished any of those things.

As a friend of mine stated, if this show was one of 25 then its absurdity would be acceptable but this is mostly all we’ve got to work with people. A show about obscenely beautiful lesbians in L.A who are incredibly fashionable (minus bedazzled butterfly shirts), static, stagnant and melodramatic.

At least Queer as Folk, as terrible as the lesbian characters were, tackled some really important issues for the lgbt community. They managed to do it in a way that recognized their responsibility to the community and managed to get people hooked. Instead Chaiken is laughing all the way to the bank and we’re left wondering what the hell happened over the last six years.

Can we trade Chaiken out for someone else? Christ I’d take Anne Heche back at this point.

I know I’m beating a dead horse but I saw the horse at the hospital and it looked like it was going to make it.


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