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Dollhouse tops charts…

on Itunes.

Beating out Battlestar Galactica (which I am patiently waiting to start and catch up on), Dollhouse topped the charts last weekend after its premiere. What does this mean? Probably nothing since the Fox execs are hoping to rely more on on-air ratings than the purchases of iTunes shows which I’m sure they are

According to TV by the numbers a show need only be purchased roughly 25,000 times per week to hit # 1.  When you compare that to the millions of viewers who could tune in when the show is on then those numbers are barely a drop in the bucket.

At the very least it shows that there are people willing to purchase it  but the downside is that itunes purchases can’t trump the potential pool of viewers when the ads come on where the networks make the majority of their money.

I’ve watched the first two episode and I still haven’t made up my mind about its potential.  It hasn’t hooked me as quickly as Buffy or Firefly and Des and I already have problems with certain things in the episodes.

Its seems to be lacking the ensemble cast feeling of Whedon’s previous work and revolving already way too much on just Echo but alas its only the first two episode.  I’ll keep hanging in there but it’s only for you Josh.  It’s only for you…and the prospect of pretty ladies in very little clothing.

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