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Accidental gay-bashing in Brooklyn

Police have arrested Hakim Scott on charges of second degree murder as a hate crime.  On December 7th, 2008 Hakim and his other self-appointed executioner friend, Keith Pheonix, saw  Jose O. Sucuzhanay walking arm in arm with a man in Bushwick. The two began yelling, both, homophobic and racial slurs at the two Ecuadorian men before they attacked Jose with a bottle and an aluminum baseball bat and fled the scene.

Turns out the man Jose was walking with was his brother, Romel, and they were walking home after a church event.

Sucuzhanay died five days later in the hospital from his severe injuries.


The story gets better when you read how Brooklyn District Attorney, Charles J. Hynes, responded to the incident.

“The sad part of this case for me is that these two brothers were apparently caressing each other because they were cold on the way home and the cretins that were charged with the attack mistook them for gay people.”

Which would have made murdering them alright.

D.A Fail.

NY TIMES Article

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    oh no!

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