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Better Late…The Spirit


What a shit show that movie is.

I know it supposed to be similar in style to Sin City but The Spirit could not impress with its hacky pull from what was a much better version.

The movie trailer definitely tried to used its hot-lady powers to pull an audience in but once there it failed to deliver.  Gratuitous nakedness is doable and can be successful but naked for the sake of naked can be boring  apparently.

When The Spirit asks Eva Mendes’ character to put her hands up and she conveniently loses her towel I couldn’t help think  “Really guys really?”

The dialogue was utter crap and I was just plain unengaged by the story.

Sam Jackson can be good when he’s crazy but crazy for the sake of crazy is lame.  We get it Sam Jackson is really good at being over the top and thats funny but I shouldn’t be laughing because his performance is laughable.

The one good thing about the movie. Sarah Paulson’s scenes were actually pretty good but she’s on screen not nearly enough to appreciate it fully.

Sorry Frank Miller. You fail.

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