Want Now Please.

I can be very critical of most movies but really the easiest way to my heart is to say three things.  Vampires. Pandemic.  Underground Resistance.  Enter Daybreakers, a film written and directed by Peter and Michael Spierig.

The Premise?

In 2019 a disease breaks out that turns almost everyone into vampires.  With a small amount of humans left the vampires capture them and harvest them for blood but a small group of humans are trying to repopulate the earth with humans via Ethan Hawke’s help.

Joining Ethan Hawke is Willem Dafoe and Sam Neil.  Playing a minor role is Jay Laga’aia who was irst noticed in Xena.  Why do I know these things without have to google it?  because I’m lame awesome

Hawke has been quoted as saying its an allegory about the human pace of consumption. “We’re eating our own resources so people are trying to come up with blood substitutes, trying to get us off of foreign humans.”

Count me in.

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