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First cyborg-prepare for death

They’re small, disease-infested and they’re attached to lasers…well not really but robot armies have to start somewhere.

Scientist at the University of Reading  have created a motorized robot that is connected to biological tissue.  These parts are specifically from the brains of rats.

‘According to Kevin Warwick, one of the researchers, “It’s quite funny – you get differences between the brains. This one is a bit boisterous and active, while we know another is not going to do what we want it to.” Warwick later speculates that much of the difference between rat and human brains lies in the number of neurons and not the neurons themselves. Picking on that particular statement, since I think it’s a pretty bold claim, you have to wonder about animals like whales and elephants who have one to two times the number of neurons we do. If he’s right and it’s the number of neurons that makes the difference, we are literally killing sentient beings. Of course, to the people who are killing blue whales and elephants, that doesn’t matter one bit.’

Kevin, everyone’s laughing until  their heads are severed off by a rat cyborg.  Enjoy

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