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Caprica: Battlestar Galactica Baby Mama


So I was late to the Battlestar Galactica party and  I didn’t watch the series until well after it was over earlier this year.  I then proceeded to watch every episode of every season back to back for about a month and half nearly sacrificing my social life and possibly work life.  And I know BSG die-hard fans will disagree very very strongly but after hearing all the hype about how awfully it ended, and finally viewing the last episode, I didn’t think it ended all that! terribly.  I mean it was cheesy as hell and I was very much opposed to the rosalyn/adama pairing (radama?/asalyn?) and I didn’t appreciate getting no explanation about Starbuck or who the imagined Baltar and Caprica were  but, after much screaming and kicking, I accepted it.  My roommate who watched the show before me said she wasn’t really that into the whole robots taking over the earth lesson at the end but I actually thought that was the one part of the plot that made sense and kind of worked for the ending when they reveal… (SPOILERS FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN’T SEEN IT)

that the series predates earth rather than proceeds it.

Yes it does turn into a whole warning about  letting technology overcome humanity or our sense of humanity but if you’re as obsessed with trans-humansim and singularity as I am then that fear isn’t staved off by much on a day to day basis.

And now in response to Battlestar Galactica’s end the SyFy  (will never get used to that  name) channel has brought us Caprica, the much beloved series’ prequel.  Caprica is set one generation prior to William Adama’s and follows his father who was sometimes referenced on BSG.  Those who watched know Joseph Adama was a lawyer who was alive when the first cylons inventions were breeching society.


I’m getting the made for TV movie from Netflix today but have gathered that Joseph Adama loses his wife and daughter in terrorist attack.  Daniel Graystone, who also loses his daughter in the attack, comes upon her imprinted electronic personality that she embedded at the V Club (a virtual club for teens).  Apparently she was some kind of super genius.  Graystone, through his wealth and tech company, then begins to research how to download this personality into what will be the Eve of the Cyclons. Graystone offers Adama the same chance but Adama isn’t so quick to jump on the band-wagon. This plot-line is what sparks events that lead to the cylon war among the 12 colonies.

We, of course, know how the story ultimately end but it will be interesting to see how we get there.

The benefits of a prequel:

  • We get to see the development of the cylons.
  • The story, set in a more earth-like atmosphere,  resembles a world we can relate to and current concerns about technology.
  • Getting to see young versions of the characters we love from BSG (although probably only the older ones like William Adama)

The potential disaster:

  • The obvious chance that they could screw up the story.
  • I thought the cylons didn’t look like people until they upgraded themselves but it appears Garystone’ s cylon copy of his daughter will look human (hmmm?)

The new season of Caprica starts January 2010 on Syfy

  1. November 13, 2009 at 7:36 AM

    Like you, I watched the series back-to-back on DVD, and have seen the “Caprica” pilot. I find it amusing that the basic “Cylon personality” is that of a pissed-off 16 year old girl. Does that mean humanity could have avoided near extinction if we had just said “You’re not grounded anymore. You can go out, just be home by mid-night, and here’s 20…” I’m visualizing a Centurion yelling “Dad! You so rock!” and texting “her” friends.

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