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Monster Energy Drink sues Vermonster beer company.

Matt Nadeau started a brewery in his basement 4 years ago and after become a success in his small town he was later able to afford moving to an actual brewery.  Nadeau invented a beer called “Vermonster” as an addition to his small line and had it trademarked in his state.  When he tried to trademark it nationally he got an email from corporate lawyers representing Hansen Beverage Co., makers of the Monster energy drink, for using a similar name.  Their reasoning?  Consumers might get confused.

Picture 1

Despite the fact that Nadeau’s lawyers assure him he is not in the wrong they have encouraged him to give up because the oh so humble Hansen Beverage Co., has the capital to continually sue him into debt and eventual bankruptcy.

Way to push the little guy around for no reason.  Aside from the fact that your drink taste like cough syrup and not the fun kind that makes you hallucinate when you’ve had two bottles.

Rock Art Brewery

To show support for the little guy become a fan of the group on facebook or contact the Hansen Beverage Co. directly.

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