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Vermonster Update: A monster Win!

It seems the little business guy stands a chance. Matt Nadeau, owner of the small Rock Art Brewery in Vermont, was being pursued legally by representatives of Monster Energy drink for what seems to have been an arbitrary and assanine reason.  Matt began seeking a national trademark for his new beer “The Vermonster” and was met head on by a legal team trying to keep him from using the name despite him owning a local trademark first.

Matt put a video on his site explaining the situation and the internet took it and ran with it.  Starting with a facebook group, people sided with the local brewery going so far as to right Monster energy vowing to never by their product again (individuals and businesses).  Its seem that it got their attention and the company has called a truce with the brewery so long as Rock Art stays away from energy drink which was Matt’s original offer.

While Matt was very appreciative of the support he used the opportunity to shine the light on the conduct of big business.

“It would be wonderful to take this momentum and look at the next step. A little bit of reform. I understand big corporations have built their business, but the small guy needs to be able to fight a reasonable battle.”

Unfortunately, Rock Art Brewery doesn’t seem to be distributed here in NY so I can’t try it all day long but if it is local for you I encourage you to give it a go.

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