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Quick and Dirty: Nine

Happy New Year All.

I apologize for the break in blog entries.  I reached my jaded maximum capacity this christmas season and just couldn’t get myself to put finger to keyboard.

It takes no effort to say that my fear of repetition for 2010 was lingering.   2009 in my mind was the year of the Reboot, the remake genre, the revamp and more often not for any benefit.

I wanted to give it one more go, see something a bit off the beaten track and decided to see NINE.

Based on the musical by Arthur Kopit, the film star Daniel Day-Lewis as a middle aged filmmaker in 1960’s Italy who can’t seem to find the inspiration to write the screenplay for his movie that begins shooting in a week.  He is distracted by the voice of women in his life from the whore ( played by Fergie) he admired as  young boy to his wife Luisa (Marion Cotillard) who he is distanced from and a less than attentive with.

The cast is a supporting ensemble of Hollywood women.  Nicole Kidman plays the victim of the artist’s love as his leading lady.  Judi Dench plays his good friend/Costume Designer trying to guide him towards a script.  Penelope Cruz plays his emotionally dependent mistress, and Sophia Loren plays his mother.  With such a cast of leading ladies I found myself,  suprisingly, unimpressed by their performance.

The Bad:

  • The Lyrics

Musicals can be a bit over the top in performance but generally I chalk that up to having to break out into song and express emotion in the middle of normal dialogue. The lyrics of most of the musical were…eh.  It generally sounded like an overly-emotional teenager wrote them.

  • Kate Hudson

I’m not sure if her song or character were supposed to feel like a joke on Americans but I sure hope so because I was not into whatever she was doing in this movie.

  • Usage of Actor fail

Its Daniel Day-Lewis people.  Its not really that easy to make the man look bad.  He seemed somehow uneasy in his role.

  • Bad Italian Accents
  • Nicole Kidman

Its hard to take that woman seriously when her face doesn’t move.

The Good:

  • Fergie…no seriously that lady is good at being a sultry singing whore.

Her performance seemed to be the best choreographed and most well thought out song which may not be saying much for the rest since her lyrics consisted mostly of “Be Italian”.

Here’s the full song:

  • Penelope Cruz…

Because she’s Penelope Cruz.  Is that bias?  Yeah.  Whatcha gonna do about it.  It actually has nothing to do with her looks.  I think she’s  genuinely nice to look at talented.  Have you seen Volver yet?  You need to.

  • Judi Dench and Sophia Loren

Sure I guess

My roommate said the actual play has nothing really propelling the movement and that the story is more about his relationships with these women.  Given that fact I could see how trying to add a linear plot-line  might  be an utter failure on film but I’m not sure.  Have you seen the play?  Is it anything like the movie?

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