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The Real L Word

Ilene Chaiken recently spoke to emmys.com about her very original reincarnation of The L Word. Her reason for wanting to go ahead with the project?

Well. The farm didn’t get picked up and rightfully so.  No one should be putting Alice in jail. Period.

“When The L Word ended, I received so much feedback from fans who wanted more,” she says, “and, really, the show could have gone on and on. Doing the reality show is a logical continuation of the storytelling and a fresh way to circle back to it seamlessly without taking a year off…”There’s nothing else on television that tells these stories and continues to shatter stereotypes. We can delve into issues that we could only scratch the surface on in the scripted show.”

I can’t speak with certainty but I’m thinking the fans didn’t want more.  They just didn’t want what they were getting. And I’m not sure reality television is a medium that lends itself to shattering stereotypes.  In fact, it seems that because most real people are boring playing up their stereotypes is the only way to keep an audience entertained (Real World, Bad Girls, Real Housewives).  Most of these shows are based on people’s stereotypes and often have stereotypes in the the title.

Now I often tried to give Chaiken the benefit of the doubt and not complain too much about how ridiculous The L Word made lesbians seem.  After all, “straight” tv doesn’t really do much for straight people either but running to reality t.v to tell better stories in an oxymoron.

In fact,  reality tv is edited in such a way to create drama that isn’t real by making people look like they said things they didn’t in context they didn’t.

The showed is being produced by Magical Elves who are also responsible for Project Runway and Top Chef, which has featured many a celesbian.

Luckily those particular reality shows seems to be more about what skills people have and only a little less drama.  Unfortunately those shows also market those skills as a commodity and make profiting from that commodity a goal of the show. They also encourage insane and stressful competition among its participants.

Casting began last August and the show is set to air summer of this year.

Will I watch it? Maybe.  I really didn’t want to get showtime for one measly show again.

Magical Elves EP , Dan Cutforth said “We’re ready to take on the challenge of living up to the groundbreaking drama of the original ‘L-Word’.”  If my life were like the L word I would throw myself off a balcony under construction too.

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