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Rant Warning: Movie-goers

Why do you go to the movies to talk on your cell phone?  Is it really too much to ask that for the hour and a half ( generally) you’re in this movie theater that you not answer your cell phone to have an asinine conversation about shit nobody cares about.

Or do innocent movie goers now have to arm themselves with their own meat thermometer to defend themselves against ignorance.  Really? a meat thermometer?  You sat in your house before departing to the movies and at some point between throwing on your tacky orange jacket and crossing the threshold you decided a meat thermometer should be handy in case you “have to stab a bitch.”

In your addled sub-human neanderthal brain the thought to step outside or, I don’t know, NOT ANSWER completely bypasses you and jumps straight to assault with cooking accessory. Congratulations you ignoramus.  Maybe the terrorists haven’t   attacked us again successfully (supposedly) because they know what we don’t.  We’re destroying ourselves.  No need for them to waste the time or precious underwear bombs.

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