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Mad Men Barbie Dolls…look like Barbie Dolls in Mad Men Clothing

Banking on the success of the  Joan’s curves Mad Men, Mattel is releasing four dolls to emulate our favorite characters, Don, Betty, Roger and Joan.  they’re producing somewhere between 7,000 to 10,000 dolls that will be exclusively available on amctv.com and their collector’s site barbiecollector.com.  Each doll will be 74.95.

Putting aside how creepy collecting barbie dolls is to me and how much they just look like the same doll with different clothing on, I have one questions.  Notice anything strange about one of the Mad Men dolls in particular?

Joan, played by actress Christina Hendricks, is a women desired by almost every man on the show. She’s sassy and vulnerable. In real life Christina Hendricks has been praised for her performance but also  for bringing back the acceptances of curves .  She’s got  a few.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Exhibit DD (come on , it was so easy) D:

Dear Mattel,

These people are only pretending to live in a repressed era.  No need to encourage the less appealing ideals from U. S history and at almost $80 a piece you could at least make the dolls look like the characters.

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