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Let The Right One In: Remake

The trailer for the American remake of  Let the Right One In, renamed Let Me In, is out.

There was already some controversy about the difference in subtitle translation between the theatrical release and the dvd release.

Swedish Trailer

American Trailer

There are noticeable differences between the OG and the remake.  The remake makes Eli’s character seem much more sinister than I think she appears in the Swedish film. Despite the dark undertones of the vampirism, the child romance between Eli and Oskar, at times, appears kind of cute and sincere.  The American trailer makes it seem like murders start to happen right off the bat when in the Swedish film there is a much darker and slow build to what Eli really is.  It adds tension to what Oskar’s relationship with her really means.

I’m wholly convinced that the majority of American audiences can’t stand more than a second of silence in film where something isn’t exploding or a girl isn’t taking her top off. We’ll see how the American version deals with the nuances of the Swedish remake (particularly the pool scene at the end!)

The American remake is scheduled for release October 2010.

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