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Ugandan newspaper releases names of gay people

So remember when I posted about that youtube video where a pastor, ignorantly, explains why gay people suck?

It was posted in a joking way but a very real response to Uganda’s recently proposed law that penalizes gay people by long-term jail time or just, you know, death.

Now a Ugandan newspaper, Rolling Stone (not affiliated with the magazine) has released the names and addresses of 100 people suspect of being call.  The list appears next to a call to “hang them”.

It essentially encourages everyday citizens to take the law into their own hands and kill anyone they think may be homosexual.

I know things have been really fucking terrible for the queer community with the recent suicides and I’m not trying to minimize the significance of the lives lost.  But, GOD DAMN! at least we live in a country where the government can’t come outright and say “kill the homos”.  Politicians and the media find much more subversive and clever way to encourage the queer community’s demise but our names aren’t printed in the newspaper next to a call to arms.

Pepe, a program coordinator for Sexual Minorities Uganda, said, “we are providing some with psychological support,” she said. “People have been attacked, we are having to relocate others, some are quitting their jobs because they are being verbally abused. It’s a total commotion.”

Giles Muhame, the newspaper’s editor, said they released the list in hopes that homosexuals would be arrested.

Officials attempted to stop the newspaper but only under the guise that they did not have the right permit to print the story.

Let’s hope that some changes in America’s legislation can have a worldwide effect for those who live in countries less progressive that our own.

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