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The new lesbian cop duo

There have been too many posts about robots lately.  I’ve decided I need a new show to recap to quell all this apocalyptic paranoia.  The L word has been off for a while and I refuse to watch The Real L Word so I’ve decided to turn my recap eye on my new favorite show, Rizolli & Isles.

If you don’t know this show then your life is already forfeit but fear not.  I am here to help you get acquainted with these delicious ladies.  Season 1 is already over but Season 2 will begin in 2011 and I’ll be here to guide your homo-gaze to all the sexual tension.

Here is why you need to catch up on season 1 to prepare for season 2.

1: lady cop (played by Angie Harmon)

2: lady nerd (played by Sasha Alexander)

3: lady cop and lady nerd to.ge.ther (played by double-sexy mc sex)

If you saw the last 5 minutes of the season 1 finale you know it was the butchest thing that has ever been on television.

There is actually an episode where Rizzoli and Isles “have to” go under cover at lesbian bar to investigate a possible hate crime.  I’m already over-whelmed recalling all the tension guys.  I can even talk about it so here’s a hilarious/great fan video to distract while I pull my pants off myself together.


Editor’s Note: Yes, I actually googled “rizolli & isles eye sex”

  1. October 30, 2010 at 6:52 PM

    Love your R&I poster and think TNT should do the right thing and USE IT for season two and base entire season around it. That is all.

    • The humans are dead
      November 1, 2010 at 7:13 PM

      Haha thanks. I wish I could take credit. just did a google search for “rizolli isles gay.” 🙂 Hopefully I’ll get to flex my photoshop skills when I start recapping. Hope you come back to read them.

      TNT definitely needs to just give in to the subtext already (circa season six of xena)

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