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No, this is how you’re going to die

Some of the internet is all abuzz with this idea of the self-driving vehicles being researched by SARTRE, European Safe Road Trains for the Environment. The basic idea is that a lead truck will guide a string of idiots to slaughter wirelessly controlled cars down a highway.  The goal to improve safety on major highways, improve the environment (somehow) as well as allow the driver the opportunity to do something else during their commute.


  • Could actually improve safety on highways


  • Trusting some random stranger to lead your car safely down the road
  • Do people really need that much opportunity to multi-task in the morning?
  • Also, what freak of nature can read a newspaper in a moving car?

The hope is to have a real application of the software by 2020.  So that five year old kid of yours that you just gave your ipad to will be able to hack into you car and drive you off a cliff when you won’t let them stay out late.


I’ll only get in if accidents can end in the following scenario:

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