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Okay Kids

I’ve been away.

Was moving my ass across country from NYC to L.A and was without internet up until about 10 minutes ago. I’ve got a lot of TV to catch up on. SO MUCH gayness has been happening on Rizolli & Isles from I’ve been able to read on the interweb.

Rev. Phelps hates Comic Books

If you’re not familiar with Reverend Phelps count yourself lucky.   Even knowing his name is a waste of brain cells.  Phelps is the head of the Westboro Baptist Church that promotes itself as “Site of anti-homosexual propagandist Fred Phelps of Topeka, Kansas.”

He’s been known to say things like:

  • “God Hates Fags”,
  • “Thank God for Dead Soldiers”
  • “America Is Doomed”
  • “Priests Rape Boys”
  • “God Hates Jews”

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Amazon Update

Apparently it is all the work of famous Weev that was responsible for flagging lgbt books as “adult.”


Damn It! and I was all ready to pounce.


WANT!’s new “adult” policy.

While good god-fearing people were celebrating the religious holidays this weekend took the liberty of removing certain lgbt books from its sales ranking because they’re apparently considered “adult” content.

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Wanna go see Ilene Chaiken get a GLAAD Award?

Me neither but it sure would be fun to see if you can win tickets.

The L Word Online is giving away 2 free tickets to the event in L.A.

Here’s the official info:

Win 2 Theatre Tickets to the 20th Annual GLAAD Media Awards 2009

The wonderful people over at GLAAD are offering two theatre tickets for the GLAAD Media Awards to be held in LA on April 18th at the Nokia Theatre. So far the following cast and crew have confirmed attendance: Ilene Chaiken, Jennifer Beals, Pam Grier, Leisha Hailey, Laurel Holloman, Katherine Moennig.

To be in the running to win these 2 tickets simply send us an email to

One entry per person only.

Competition closes 14th April.

Gay Mayans!

For those of you unfamiliar with FiveThirtyEight it may appear to be just a chart and stats blog but founder Nate Silver uses polling data to project and predict political results (i.e winner of 2008’s presidential election) and sometimes sports.

In wake of Iowa’s recent success with the gay marriage bill,  538 has pulled together some info to project when each state will legalize gay marriage.

He uses the following info:

1. The year in which the amendment was voted upon;
2. The percentage of adults in 2008 Gallup tracking surveys who said that religion was an important part of their daily lives;
3. The percentage of white evangelicals in the state.

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Can you guess…

which two things in this trailer will make me see this movie?


My L Word reaction drafts and other ramblings…

I started a recap and I just couldn’t do it.  So in lieu of a recap here are the two drafts I started and never finished.

Draft 1:

We’re in what seems to be the present where season five left off.  Shane is on The View in the interrogation room explaining to lady cop and unidentified male that she can’t pretend she didn’t think about “it”.  By it she does not mean tit and by tit she does not mean your tit. We’re left to assume”it” means killing Jenny I guess.

Shane really hates it when couples say we (we talk, we laugh, we love,  we breath, we fight, we cry, we steal the melody from the sound of music).  You know what I hate?  Unnecessary exposition.

I had no hopes whatsoever for this “finale.”  I expected nothing more than utter disappointment mixed with rage and Mama Chaiken did her best to oblige.

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