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Rizolli & Isles Promo

I mean really now they’re just toying with me.

These ladies are back in our lives July 11th.

Rizolli & Isles Back in July

The first episode will be called “We Need Another Hero”

Rumor has it there will be some new male love interests introduced for both Rizolli & Isles.  Lets hope like all other shows with lesbian subtext that these relationship will conveniently not work out.

Ausxip wrote, “Things between Isles and Rizzoli get to be a little awkward when tough-gal Jane shows up to her colleague’s house only to find Slucky has spent the night. Ruh-oh!”

God let’s hope things get awkward between them and by awkward I mean sexy.

Also, according to wikipedia, the first season of Rizzoli & Isles will be released on DVD on June 28, 2011.

The new lesbian cop duo

October 22, 2010 2 comments

There have been too many posts about robots lately.  I’ve decided I need a new show to recap to quell all this apocalyptic paranoia.  The L word has been off for a while and I refuse to watch The Real L Word so I’ve decided to turn my recap eye on my new favorite show, Rizolli & Isles.

If you don’t know this show then your life is already forfeit but fear not.  I am here to help you get acquainted with these delicious ladies.  Season 1 is already over but Season 2 will begin in 2011 and I’ll be here to guide your homo-gaze to all the sexual tension.

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