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Nicole Kidman has a wife

The role opposite Nicole Kidman in The Danish Girl has been cast.  Rachel Weisz is set to play Gerda to Kidman’s Einer/Lili.  The Danish Girl tells the story of the first MTF sex re-assigment surgery and is based on the book by David Ebershoff.  Gerda is Einer/Lili’s wife. Kidman and Weisz are being direct by Lasse Halstrom.


The film is set to come out in July.  Halstrom said of Kidman playing a man, “Kidman looks great as a man. This guy looked very good, he was not the lumberjack type.”

I could write more but that photo is very distracting.

Nicole Kidman needs a wife

David Erbershoff‘s novel, The Danish Girl (2000), is being adapted to film.  The author’s first novel tells the story of Lilie Elbe, the world’s first trans woman.


Lilie was born Einar Mogens Wegener in Denmark in 1886 (according to Erbershoff’s book). He married Gerda Gottlieb and the two worked as artists.  It is believed Einar realized his affinity for women’s clothing when he dressed as a woman for Gerda’s portraits.  Gerda’s paintings became quite famous and so did Einer when it was revealed he had been the female model in her work.  From that point on Einer went to public functions in women’s dress and eventually became the man to have sex reassignment surgery in the world.


Nicole Kidman is set to play Einer/Lili and Charlize Theron was set to play Gerda but dropped out of the role for unknown reasons. Gwyneth Platrow briefly replaced her only to drop out of the role as well. No word on who replace her.

The film has also switched directors once.  It was being directed by Tomas Alfredson (Let The Right One In) but he has now been replaced by Lasse Hallstrom (My Life As a Dog) .

I say give Tilda Swinton both roles and be done with it.

Quick and Dirty: Nine

Happy New Year All.

I apologize for the break in blog entries.  I reached my jaded maximum capacity this christmas season and just couldn’t get myself to put finger to keyboard.

It takes no effort to say that my fear of repetition for 2010 was lingering.   2009 in my mind was the year of the Reboot, the remake genre, the revamp and more often not for any benefit.

I wanted to give it one more go, see something a bit off the beaten track and decided to see NINE.

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