No, this is how you’re going to die

The Hasegawa Group at the Tokyo Institute of Technology is developing a robot that can think and learn. They demonstrate this (extremely bad idea) by asking it to pour a glass of cold water and give it to a human. The technology is called SOINN(Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network) which basically helps the robot make decisions based on previous experience.

So if it decided that the rock it bashed your brain in with wasn’t effective enough it can assess the situation and decide to use a bigger one next time.

“because new situations emerge, it’s also necessary to have the ability to keep learning new information on the spot.”

Okay Kids

I’ve been away.

Was moving my ass across country from NYC to L.A and was without internet up until about 10 minutes ago. I’ve got a lot of TV to catch up on. SO MUCH gayness has been happening on Rizolli & Isles from I’ve been able to read on the interweb.

Well… this is going to make me cry

Rizolli & Isles Promo

I mean really now they’re just toying with me.

These ladies are back in our lives July 11th.

Harry Potter grown up and scared

Rizolli & Isles Back in July

The first episode will be called “We Need Another Hero”

Rumor has it there will be some new male love interests introduced for both Rizolli & Isles.  Lets hope like all other shows with lesbian subtext that these relationship will conveniently not work out.

Ausxip wrote, “Things between Isles and Rizzoli get to be a little awkward when tough-gal Jane shows up to her colleague’s house only to find Slucky has spent the night. Ruh-oh!”

God let’s hope things get awkward between them and by awkward I mean sexy.

Also, according to wikipedia, the first season of Rizzoli & Isles will be released on DVD on June 28, 2011.

Oh god they’re in the same room

R.I.P Elizabeth Taylor



February 21, 2011 2 comments

Multi-purposed designs make my nerd-brain explode.  Anything that has more than one function or configuration amazes me, particularly in living space.

Resource Furniture has designed these amazing pieces of furniture that can transform for multiple functions.







Nicole Kidman has a wife

The role opposite Nicole Kidman in The Danish Girl has been cast.  Rachel Weisz is set to play Gerda to Kidman’s Einer/Lili.  The Danish Girl tells the story of the first MTF sex re-assigment surgery and is based on the book by David Ebershoff.  Gerda is Einer/Lili’s wife. Kidman and Weisz are being direct by Lasse Halstrom.


The film is set to come out in July.  Halstrom said of Kidman playing a man, “Kidman looks great as a man. This guy looked very good, he was not the lumberjack type.”

I could write more but that photo is very distracting.