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No, this is how you’re going to die

The Hasegawa Group at the Tokyo Institute of Technology is developing a robot that can think and learn. They demonstrate this (extremely bad idea) by asking it to pour a glass of cold water and give it to a human. The technology is called SOINN(Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network) which basically helps the robot make decisions based on previous experience.

So if it decided that the rock it bashed your brain in with wasn’t effective enough it can assess the situation and decide to use a bigger one next time.

“because new situations emerge, it’s also necessary to have the ability to keep learning new information on the spot.”

Comic Books hate Rev. Phelps

Nerds Unite!

The Westboro Baptist church showed at Comic Con to pickets idolatry as promised and my fellow nerds showed up in spades to counter-picket.

There are some incredibly hilarious signs…if you’re a nerd.

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Rev. Phelps hates Comic Books

If you’re not familiar with Reverend Phelps count yourself lucky.   Even knowing his name is a waste of brain cells.  Phelps is the head of the Westboro Baptist Church that promotes itself as “Site of anti-homosexual propagandist Fred Phelps of Topeka, Kansas.”

He’s been known to say things like:

  • “God Hates Fags”,
  • “Thank God for Dead Soldiers”
  • “America Is Doomed”
  • “Priests Rape Boys”
  • “God Hates Jews”

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My alma mater in the “news”

Hair power

Milan Karki, a Nepalese teenager, has invented a solar panel that uses hair instead of silicone to convert the rays of the sun into power.


Karki wanted to help provide energy for his village but now can set his sights on a bigger market.  The Melanin in hair, it turns out, is light sensitive and a semi-conductor.  Karki and four other classmates developed the cells as an experiment and with its success have already sent test cells out to other districts.


If mass-produced it could potentially cut the cost of solar panels in half and because the hair would be easy to replace consumers would have more maintenance control.

Karki says he was inspired after reading Stephen Hawking’s book where he describes using hair to create static electricity.


First cyborg-prepare for death

They’re small, disease-infested and they’re attached to lasers…well not really but robot armies have to start somewhere.

Scientist at the University of Reading  have created a motorized robot that is connected to biological tissue.  These parts are specifically from the brains of rats.

‘According to Kevin Warwick, one of the researchers, “It’s quite funny – you get differences between the brains. This one is a bit boisterous and active, while we know another is not going to do what we want it to.” Warwick later speculates that much of the difference between rat and human brains lies in the number of neurons and not the neurons themselves. Picking on that particular statement, since I think it’s a pretty bold claim, you have to wonder about animals like whales and elephants who have one to two times the number of neurons we do. If he’s right and it’s the number of neurons that makes the difference, we are literally killing sentient beings. Of course, to the people who are killing blue whales and elephants, that doesn’t matter one bit.’

Kevin, everyone’s laughing until  their heads are severed off by a rat cyborg.  Enjoy

Today in Cool

Sims 3- gay friendly

Apparently in the new incarnation of this nerd’s favorite time-wasters one can get gay married.


and according to this pic have sex with lady ghost?


British scientists make synthetic blood…

vampires rejoice while a small contingent plans rebellion in underground lairs.




I love things that serve multiple functions.  Bars with flowershops in them, restaurant with pet stores (questionable).

Artist Justing Gargasz designed a jacket that triples as a backpack and single person tent (or double person if you’re feeling frisky) simple named vessel.


I would like one now please. I am also really into survival gear right now.  It might be due to my secret paranoia about robots and zombies one day roaming the streets and having to survive in the sewer systems and eat pigeons for sustenance.   Anyway.

Unfortunately, it isn’t available for consumers and is just a concept design for his degree from the Cleveland Institute of Art.